Customs Forms Step By Step Instructions

Each Customs form will download as soon as you click on the high lighted form code. This applies to both the fillable and printable versions of the forms. Fillable forms allow you to enter all form information from your computer keyboard. Printable forms allow you to print the complete form and fill it out either by hand or on your typewriter.
Step 1:
Select a form by clicking on the form code.
For Printable Forms go to Step 2
For Fillable Forms go to Step 3.
Step 2:
For printable forms, save the document on your computer. Then print it out on your printer. Finally either fill it out by hand or type it.
Step 3:
For fillable forms. Save the document on your computer. Open the document in your PDF software. Type in the required information and either print it out and fax it to Active Customs or Fax Directly from your PDF Software.
Wether the form is Fillable or Printable, once completed fax, mail or courier it to Active Customs for processing.
Click the contact us button on the left for our
addresses and fax numbers.
Please Note: In order to use either version of these forms you must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. If you are not sure you will get an error message in your Browser stating that this is an unknown file format when you select a form. If you need the plugin or software, just click here