(Customs Automated Data Exchange )

Release process using /

Here's a step-by-step look at EDI (Electronic Data Interchange.)release.

1. The shipper, exporter, vendor, or carrier sends the broker, the shipment information using EDI or facsimile.

2. Using this information, prepare the release request.

3. Send the request to us.

4. We verify the information to make sure it meets our EDI syntax requirements.

5. If you have made any errors (e.g., incorrect format), we send you a message using the same route as your incoming transmission. After you make the corrections, we will retransmit the release data.

6. The system processes the EDI release data.

7. A customs officer reviews the information and enters a decision into the system to release or to refer.

8. When the goods are released, sends you an electronic release notification through the Release Notification System.

9. You must send the confirming accounting data to Customs Commercial System within the time limits outlined in Memorandum D17-1-5, Release of Commercial Goods .
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